After School PRogram HOURS


2:30 PM – 6:00 PM

The Afterschool Program at Bethel Learning Centers provides a safe, productive afternoon environment for students in grades Pre-K4 through 8th. We seek to creatively extend the learning process, and complement the regular school day. Parents can be assured that students are safe in a well-supervised afterschool environment.

At Play

Children from area public schools participate in the Bethel Afterschool Program. We pick up students from the following public schools:
  • Crayton Middle
  • Hand Middle
  • Rosewood Elementary
  • A.C. Moore Elementary
  • Meadowfield Elementary
  • Satchelford Elementary
  • Bradley Elementary
  • Brennen Elementary
  • Carver-Lyon Elementary
  • South Kilbourne Elementary

Students from all area schools may attend the Bethel Afterschool Program. Our activities include:

  • Homework
  • Computer Lab
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Games
  • Special Events


Meal Schedule


3:00 PM

* Snacks are served to all students at Bethel Learning Centers, according to the time of arrival. We serve nutritionally balanced meals that will aid healthy growth and development.


Registration Fees:

  • After – School (New Student)                $    60.00
  • After – School (Returning Student)      $    60.00
  • Summer Camp                                        $  100.00


Activity Fee must be paid in conjunction with registration fees(except for Infants and toddlers)

Weekly Tuition Fees

  • After School Care Public                        $   70.00                (slotted)
  • Bethel Kids Univ. Summer Camp         $  90.00                 (weekly)